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Big O kitchens is situated in a converted warehouse which in its former life was part of the old Mount Stevens bakery, a Bristol landmark of yesteryear, in its heyday employing 1000 staff. Where the offices once overlooked the factory floor now there are 12 food production units. Each unit is self contained with its own entrance and business address

Established in 2016 by founder Nancy who had outgrown from her home kitchen with her donut company. She chose a big space so she could share with others, who could support and encourage each other.  With the help of the tenants Big O Kitchens developed into a thriving production environment. Even though she has now hung up her apron  Nancy still loves supporting and encouraging other small businesses to thrive. 

what happens when you join


Once your lease is signed, your entrance into Big O Kitchens will go something like this:


We will provide you with a full set of keys and an entrance code for your individual kitchen unit. If you employ other people, you can have keys cut for them too.


Your kitchen awaits – Your kitchen unit will be empty clean and freshly painted, ready for you to transform into your kitchen HQ. 


Lights & pipes – All electrical sockets and lights will be in good working order. Hot and cold water feed will be in place so you can plumb in your sink and hand wash basin.

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