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And Answers


Q. What equipment is in there? Like fridge sink cooker? Is there extraction?

A. The kitchen is empty on initial rental with plug sockets, lights and hot and cold water feed so you can plumb in your own sink. As each business needs specific kit this gives you maximum flexibility to install what your business needs. 


Q. Will you reduce the price?

A. Prices are fixed to keep things fair at Big O Kitchens so we cant reduce the price for newbies 


Q. Can I share/sublet my kitchen?

A. We only lease one kitchen to one tenant to keep it simple


Q. What is the service charge?

A. The service charge covers communal cleaning, bins for everyone, pest control for individual kitchens and the communal areas, general maintenance of boilers and plumbing and keeping the place in a good working condition. This means you can focus on running your businesses without needing to worry about ordering loo roll etc

Q. Why is it a 1year lease, can I do it month by month?

A. We ask for a minimum 1year lease so that we know you are committed to the development of your business and we can have the time to get to know each other 

Q. Will my equipment be safe here as there are shared entrances?

A. Each kitchen door has its own lock and the main entrances are secure when locked. Gates are padlocked when no one is there. You do however need to get your own content insurance and make sure you take the necessary precautions to keep the building secure.


Q. Are there any business rates to pay?

A. If this is your only premises then you should qualify for small business rates relief which you will need to apply for once you move in


Q. Do you know what equipment/contractors I will need?

A. When you join us we will introduce you to our trusted contractors and suppliers   

Q. I don’t want to pay to install, extraction/use a registered electrician…. Can’t we just make do?

A. No, we all operate professionally here and we need to maintain a safe working environment for everyone

Q. What type of insurance do we need? Do you have insurance?  

A. You are responsible for insuring your contents, your trading activities and public liability for yourself and any guests you welcome onto the premises. We are insured to manage the property

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